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Whirl-Pak® has made an exciting transition from direct sales of Whirl-Pak® products to our Distribution Partnership Network.

Click on your region for a featured list of world-class distribution partners, OR contact the Whirl-Pak® business development manager in your region with questions or to request our complete list of approved distribution partners for ordering.

If you are a distributor and interested in working with Nasco Sampling/Whirl-Pak® :

Not currently an approved distribution partner for Nasco Sampling/Whirl-Pak® but interested?
Please contact Jim Romenesko via email:

United States/Canada
Brittany Rogers
Phone: +1.920.568.5706

View United States' approved list of distribution partners >

Brittany Rogers
Phone: +1.920.716.3332

View Canada's approved list of distribution partners >

Latin America
Leandro da Silva
Phone: +55 11 98198 7989

View Latin America's approved list of distribution partners >

Europe/Middle East/Africa
Gary Ross
Phone: +34.627.33.52.39

View Europe/Middle East's approved list of distribution partners >

Andy Qin
Phone: +86 186-0170-6499

View Asia's approved list of distribution partners >
When the health and safety of others is in your hands, Whirl-Pak® provides results you can trust.
smarter sustainability
cost efficient
space saving
The smart, reliable choice for improving workforce productivity.

Whirl-Pak® Complies with regulatory and industry requirements :

Whirl-Pak® sterilized sampling bags are R-NASE, D-NASE, Pyrogen, and BPH free and comply with regulatory and industrial requirements.
  • FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
  • USDA (US Department of Agriculture)
  • EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

“Whirl-Pak® remains the long-standing market leader with superior brand recognition.”

— Owner, Weber Scientific