Whirl-Pak® in the Meat and Poultry Industry


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Meat & Poultry Industry
When the health and safety of others is in your hands, Whirl-Pak® provides results you can trust.
smarter sustainability
cost efficient
space saving
The smart, reliable choice for improving workforce productivity.
with sterilized products to meet approved FSIS and WHO methods for sample collection and processing.
You'll find gold-standard quality equipment to assist during each step in your meticulous process for RESULT YOU CAN TRUST.

Whirl-Pak® Complies with regulatory and industry requirements :

Whirl-Pak® sterilized sampling bags are R-NASE, D-NASE, Pyrogen, and BPH free and comply with regulatory and industrial requirements.
  • FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
  • USDA (US Department of Agriculture)
  • EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
Standard Bags

Versatile standard sterilized bags are a trusted staple in meat and poultry facilities world-wide. As with many Whirl-Pak® bags, the write-on bags have a convenient write-on strip for quick and easy labeling making organization and traceability that much easier.

Standard Bags
rite-On Bags
Stand-Up Bags

Sterilized sample collection bags like our self-standing stand-up bags allow safety inspectors and QA Agents to easily label and perform precise cutting and trimming for an efficient workplace process.

Stand-Up Bags
Full-Page Filter Bags

Ideal for field sample collection to lab processing, our sterilized full-page filter bags are the trusted brand for easier and more efficient testing.

Full-Page Filter Bags
Pipette Filter Sleeve
Surface Sampling

Our surface sampling product line-up is designed for animal carcasses, work areas, equipment, and any other surface where testing for Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli, and other food borne pathogens are required.

Polyurethane Sponges
Cellulose Sponges
Sampling Kits/Blender Bags

Aligned with USDA-FSIS instruction, our meat and poultry kits contain the sterilized materials you need for approved E.Coli testing.

Carcass Sampling Kit
Poultry Rinse Bag
Blender Bags
In addition to Whirl-Pak® sterilized bags are ideal for food & beverage, dairy, water, medical, veterinary, environmental, soil, cannabis, and industrial markets as well as surface, forensic science, genetics, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sampling.
Other brands tend to focus heavily – if not exclusively – on RECYCLING. Whirl-Pak® has taken significant strides toward a much bigger approach in sustainability by REDUCING waste at the top of the waste hierarchy.

Whirl-Pak® bags are more efficient in the environmental metrics evaluated across material usage, manufacturing, transportation, and end of life when compared to rigid plastic containers. But, what if you're not using rigid plastic containers? Our bags like the Filter Bag, serve from field to lab. Reducing waste and transfer of samples.

Bring smarter sustainability to your workplace with other added space, and cost efficiencies.
You never have to sacrifice standards with Whirl-Pak®.

“When we do purchasing, we specifically ask for Whirl-Pak®, we request the brand because we trust it.”

— Lab Technician, Food & Beverage Industry
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